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Walking, the elixir of life.


When you set off on a walk, whatever the weather – sun, rain wind, frost – and whatever the element, each can make the adventure ahead different. Even the time of day can alter your experience. Dawn can bring the solitude you may seek on what might be a busy path at any other time. Sundown can turn a journey on foot from an everyday view, to a magical one. Feeling the elements of nature around you can truly inspire your thoughts for the days and weeks ahead. Why not take a book the magazine you never quite manage to flick through at home and read it in an open space and pause occasionally to look what’s around you, remembering the snapshot you’ve taken in your mind for a dull moment during the week ahead and of course with the reward of a brew or pint at the end. Set off and feel the ground under your feet…..

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Cold days and birch logs

Well after the recent cold snap and me being completely wrapped in genuine man flu for the past 3 weeks I’ve used a forest of birch logs on the fire. Today I felt well enough to replenish the store, though 30 minutes later I wish I hadn’t. I like to store a batch inside as to me they are pleasing on the eye and when you can’t get in the garden, why not bring it in to you, however my slight “ocd” can get out of hand when stacking the logs up. That done, there is nothing better than enjoying the sight, sound and smell of a roaring log fire in your own home and birch wood, which is one of the best hardwoods for firewood, has excellent burning qualities, It’s also environmentally friendly and sustainable. I always think it seems most magical lighting up at dusk with a cold snap in the air, also a dull wet weekend day is a good excuse to light the fire and hunker down forgetting the job list and plan supper, with that in mind, where’s the matches?……

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Lifeboat living….

Unfortunately not this time. One of my favourite, I’d like to convert projects, has now been given a slightly longer than expected lease of life, due to a slight technical failing on the new lifeboat station being built at Selsey. Could you think of a more stunning location ? I’ve seen one converted in Wales into living accommodation. From the outside I’d keep it exactly as it is with its “bring it on weather” kind of stance, but inside now that’s the dilemma, vintage or Nordic simplicity, I drift between the two. Oh well for now it’s not something I have to worry about….

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About me

Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy the twists and turns of the journey. I just love taking snaps with a twist, capture a monment of an ordinary day. ¬†Based ¬†around my home, some freestyle cooking, bit of the coast, plus a shot of vintage and other things that please as I create my visual diary. So have a coffee and a browse and look out for some bits of quirk for sale too…..img_0694